Tour Diary – The Black Mamba keeps on rolling…


Prague treated us well – a beautiful city, old architecture, an impressive clock and a hell of a crowd… We had a ball up there. Did a couple of great versions of the new songs and looking forward to hitting the home crowds with numbers like the Long Run.
Berlin – great to be back at White Trash. It’s like some sort of rock n roll dungeon but was as good a sounding dungeon as we remembered. Audience was lovely and amazing to be playing away from home and hearing our songs sung back at us. Had a particularly good / pretentious coffee near the venue. One of many that day (and most days come to think of it!)
Dresden – oh Dresden.  A small crowd but how they danced! All over the whole set. It brought a different feel to the way we played the songs and we we’re smiling ear to ear for the full 90 minutes. Thank you!
Poznan – our first venture into Poland and another interesting city. A really cool wood-paneled room and yet another bunch of great people looking for a good time. At this stage, every place we play sounds totally different. But it’s great to be surrounded by guys who adapt what they do and react differently to each room. That combined with a particular crowd can totally reshape songs.  And that’s a lot of fun for us…
Just arrived into Munich – spring is in the air and apparently it’s sold out tonight – 400 people or so. This is unbelievable and we’re of course very excited about the show.  But we have been blown away and surprised at the numbers turning up each and every night – it’s been pure joy.
We’re about to head off for some radio performance and interview –  On the bus, I’m brushing my teeth with bottled fizzy water again (it’s the little things), and wondering if the DJ will notice how bad my T-shirt smells – time to musk up! Love to you all,