U.S.A. Tour Diary – Snow Globe


Up early and off to Denver we went. There didn’t seem to be an awful lot between Kansas City and Denver apart from vast expanses of Kansas farmland. An indication of how vast this country is – If you drove for 7 1/2 hours in the UK you’d end up at the other end of the country or in the sea. Over here, you can drive for the same amount of time without even seeing a bend in the road.  When we set off, it was a bright sunny day. An hour before we got to Denver we hit snow. One minute we’re cruising down the highway, admiring the view, and the next minute, it’s as though someone shook up a snow globe. As we rolled into Denver the snow was forming a nice white blanket over the city.
Thanks to the helpful and friendly local crew, we loaded into The Fillmore in record time and went across the road for a slice of pizza as the snow really started to come down hard. I get very excited when there’s heavy snow. This probably goes back to my school days when an inch of snow in the UK would inevitably mean the school would shut down along with the rest of the country and we could all go and through snowballs at each other or find a hill to fling ourselves down on a plastic sledge. This snow was a lot more impressive than the measly flurry we tend to get and thankfully, Denver seemed to take it all in its stride. Another cancelled show would have been heartbreaking.
We got a great response from the good people of Colorado. I won’t lie, this tour is proving itself to draw parallels between Robert Scott and his team crossing the Antarctic, but when we get onstage and feel the love from the crowd, it makes battling through the snow and ice worthwhile. Unfortunately for poor Scott, he wasn’t in a band and probably didn’t feel quite as appreciated. Thank you Denver.
After the show, we went back across the road for probably the third or forth slice of Pizza that day and celebrated our survival of the first run of shows.
The next day was a day off and was spent mainly eating, sleeping, reorganising suitcases and reflecting on how bonkers it is that we’re over here doing shows and getting played on the Radio. A popular music industry expression is that we’re “getting traction”. We got word today that we’re number 11 in the Mediabase Mainstream Rock chart. These are very exciting times!
As I write this, we’re travelling in the direction of Lincoln, Nebraska. We’re just done a live session for KBPI and KBCO radio, the sun is shining and we’re re-energised. All I need now is to find a postcard!