U.S.A Tour Diary – St Louis

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Last night we performed our first show in the United States of America. It was a momentous occasion for us and spirits in TTM camp are high. We’ve been made to feel very welcome by all the guys in the Blackberry Smoke camp and we look forward to spending time with them over the months ahead. It was a fair old drive from Nashville yesterday, although compared to some of the distances we’ll be covering during the tour, it was really just a short hop down the road. Still, the Gateway Arch beside the Mississippi river was a welcome sight as we approached the city of St Louis. Several years ago, I came to St Louis with another band. It was summer and birds were literally dropping dead out of the trees it was so hot. This time however there was no danger of that as their poor little feet were most likely frozen to the branches. Gear was loaded into the Pageant Theatre and set up on stage. I went chasing around St Louis looking for a 1 amp fuse, came back and blasted through a soundcheck. We we ready for our first show.
Being in this band never seems to get old. We’re out here promoting our first album which we’ve already been playing around the UK and Europe for well over a year but as we ripped into “Midnight Black” last night, it felt fresh as a daisy. I think we all had the same thought as we grinned at each other onstage last night. “Wow! We’ve done it boys…We’ve made it to America!”