The Sunflower Jam at The Royal Albert Hall

We’d like to thank The Sunflower Jam team for a fantastic night at the Royal Albert Hall last weekend. It was an honour to be sharing the stage with so many Rock legends and for such a good cause. We salute you.

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“Pride” EP physical copies have arrived!

We’re excited to announce that physical copies of the “Pride” EP have now arrived and we will be sending out pre-orders as soon as possible. As our very own Phil Campbell is currently stationed in Glasgow, pre-orders for signed copies may have to wait a little longer for us to get them to him in Scotland. We promise to get this done as quickly as possible and our thanks once again to everyone who has pre-ordered the EP.

The Temperance Movement x

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“Lovers and Fighters” Video

Go to the video page to see our new video for “Lovers and Fighters” filmed last week in Luke’s living room. Thanks once again to the Miller brothers for making this happen. “Lovers and Fighters” is on our EP – available now.

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“Pride” EP available now!

The Temperance Movement’s debut EP is now available. Buy it here, and turn it up so your neighbours can hear it too! It is also available on iTunes.

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“Lovers and Fighters” video coming soon…

Filmed video for “Lovers and Fighters” today. Expect to find it on our video page later in the week. Until then, here’s a glimpse of our fully equipped control room…

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