Tour Diary – Amsterdam

Amsterdam was cool. For once I saw the other side of town and with unclouded mind encountered the true style and intelligence of Venice of the North.
Staying just outside the centre of town, Nick and I made our way along a sunny street yesterday for a morning coffee before packing off for sound check which seemed to take hours. Everything is longer when TV is involved.
Yesterday’s show was not really a gig, more a promotional activity hence the TV cameras. We used our 40 min slot as a warm up for tonight. I’m not saying it didn’t rock because from the minute we climbed the steps of the riser after waiting 12mins side of stage for the presenter to introduce us and the stage manager to click the thing for the camera… rock it did.
Den Bosch tonight. We’ll tell you how it goes. Just been reunited with the Graveltone boys, the consensus being the old gang is back together. Yaas.
There’s a lot of construction work going on all around this venue. The photo shows what I think is the toilet for tonight. Which reminds me, I’ve got to go.

Peace. Phil x


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