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TOUR DIARY – Telluride, CO. USA…

Telluride is a rare jewel of a town nestled in the Colorado mountains. At 2,66m above sea level, the air is thin and takes some getting used to as we discovered every time we stood up too quickly. The residents live a carefree and happy existence spending their winters skiing and their summers pursuing a multitude of outdoor activities. If you live in Telluride, life is good. People leave doors unlocked and everyone seems to know each other. We’ve been lucky enough to be invited to this magical utopia for the last three years to play the Ride Festival – a beautiful gathering, now in its sixth year. Telluride has embraced us and we’re delighted with this happy union. This years trip was brilliant and deserving of its own entry into the tour diary of which I have become sadly negligent of late. We’ve spent more time at home with our families this year. We needed a break. It felt like we’d been touring constantly, have faced a few issues and were feeling a bit burned out. The best thing for us was to step back from touring, give ourselves some breathing space to regroup and focus on making album 3. This done, we embarked on our trip to Telluride with renewed vigour and a stable of new tunes to unleash.

Getting to Telluride involves 3 separate flights and a further drive up into the mountains. By the time we arrived, we were in a light headed delirium of jet lagged excitement. We’d been told that Beck would be playing a show in the local high school theatre. Despite almost hallucinating with fatigue, we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity so, after a dip in the hotel hot tub and a quick bite, we walked to the high school conveniently located next door to our hotel and danced to “Devils Haircut”, “Loser” and “Sexx Laws” until the room started spinning and we had to go to bed. I was up before the sun the next morning. This was a general theme throughout our stay in Telluride, for me at least. Regardless of what time I went to bed, my eyes would spring open at the crack of dawn and I’d have hours to wait before breakfast started. On the third morning, for example, I woke up, showered, made a cup of tea, updated our website, had breakfast, took a gondola over the mountain to the Mountain Village and was in a yoga class by 8.00am feeling like a superhero. This was even after drinking beer, espresso martinis and several tequilas the night before. It must be the clean mountain air!

It’s a rare occurrence that we all engage in an activity together but we managed it in Telluride. We hired inner-tubes and floated along a fast moving stream of icy meltwater from the mountain peaks like human pooh-sticks (to those wondering what the pooh-sticks are, it’s not what it sounds like!) To describe them as Rapids might be a bit of an exaggeration but it got pretty exciting at points. The hard part was getting out before being carried miles out of town and having to walk all the way back. Phil managed to fall out of his tube into the testicle shrinking icy water and endured a cold, shivery walk back to the hotel.

It wasn’t all fun and games in the mountains. We also had to get down to the serious (ahem!) business of being The Temperance Movement. Our first of two performances was a late show in the Sheridan Opera House, a 250 capacity venue in the middle of Telluride. There was a buzz in town about this gig presumably due to our previous visit. It had sold out and when we arrived at the venue there was a long line of people forming. After what has been a turbulent period for the band, what we experienced at the Opera House that night was joyous. It reminded us of why we do this. We’ve all made a big commitment to this band and it’s not always been easy. there have been some tricky times to navigate but when we find ourselves in a room full of people loving what we do and who are willing us to succeed, it strengthens our resolve and makes it all worth it. Thank you to everyone in the room that night, it was a special moment.

The next day we played the main stage at the festival. The Ride festival stage must have the best backdrop in the world. Snow capped mountains and a 300ft waterfall under cobalt skies. The whole scene looks like it’s been put through an instagram filter. It’s unreal! The gig was great. A different beast than the night before. A small dark room vs a vast expanse of space in daylight makes for a less intense experience but no less enjoyable. It was the perfect day – A rock’n’roll show in an incredible setting, a diet of fish tacos and tequila and a soundtrack provided by Beck who closed the festival. As the sun set behind the mountains and the new moon rose in the sky, we danced and drank with new friends.

Thank you Telluride, the future is bright!  – Nick

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“Small Rooms & New Tunes” UK Tour

We’re very excited to announce our “Small Rooms, New Tunes” UK Tour this coming November. We’ve been busy writing and recording lately and what better excuse to get back out on the road in the uk to test new material and reconnect with you all. It’s been too long!
Tickets available from our LIVE page HERE

Can’t wait to see you all again!


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Acoustic shows in Scotland

We had a great time playing our acoustic set last December and many of you have asked us for further shows in some towns and cities that we don’t always get to. So first up, some Scottish tour as follows:

15 March – THE LIQUID ROOMS (Official), Edinburgh
16 March – Ironworks Venue, Inverness
17 March – Fat Sams Dundee
18 March – The Garage Aberdeen

All tickets, including a limited number fo VIP packages HERE

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Tour Diary – Introducing Simon

So the boys have played four shows now. Strasbourg and Nancy were warm ups. By Lille we started getting better but last night in Paris, we hit our stride. Paris has always been a hard gig. Like London or New York, its easy to lose your cool or at least be tempted to. We didn’t.

Simon Lea is settling in well. Things to know about Simon: he’s a Londoner, from Streatham. He’s played drums with Ronnie Wood, James Blunt, Boy George, Seth Lakeman and Rizzlekicks. His last gig before this was the Bowie musical, ‘Lazarus’. He’s a runner. Does 6 miles every day before breakfast. He’s a straight talker and he don’t stand for no bullshit. He’s very funny and slips in and out of a husky voiced cockney caricature, developed over time on the road for is own amusement. He records every single rehearsal and gig he plays on a little dictaphone and listens to it in the van the next day. He could quite happily talk self-improvement with Lorraine Kelly over a blueberry acai refresher, or share a pint with Ricky Gervaise, laughing about the non-existence of atheism today. In short, he’s one of us.

This whole tour is about Simon much like this time last year was all about Matt White. Last year would have been impossible without Matt. Same goes for Simon now. Losing two of the original members of the group has been tough. White Bear has been tough on everyone. But I look at my right arm and I’m proud. That bear tattoo means even more now. More than just pride. It represents survival. The mark of a new band. A new day.

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