Bush Hall ticket info…a few tickets remaining

THANK YOU for helping us trial our tout bashing Bush Hall ON SALE! On the upside, we can clearly see that no touts were able to penetrate the ‘real fan’ initiative and that despite the website feeling clunky on some devices and operating systems you all seem to have stuck with it and got tickets, so well done!

We can also see that 70% of you have successfully downloaded the App and ‘On-Boarded’ your tickets. For anyone who needs help with this process or the initial accreditation please do reach out to the Active Ticketing support email support@activeticketing.comĀ 

Finally, apologies to those who felt that we somehow let the side down a bit but of course this is a real live testing environment, fighting for a wider cause that affects us all. We’ll work on the messaging and take all your feedback into account for the future.

55 Tickets remain for anyone who still hasn’t managed to get ’em.



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