Tour Diary – Everything’s going to be OK

A day off brings time to explore & think.
I came across this bridge in Osnabruck with padlocks attached. Like the better known Lovelock Bridge in Paris it’s a place of dedication for lovers which says ‘We’re locked together forever.’


A few days later I’m sitting in a huge ornate Cathedral in Copenhagen watching the faithful as they light candles & whisper prayers for their loved ones.Whether you believe in God or not I’ve always found that places of worship always seem to be charged with a special energy. From enormous churches to modest outdoor shrines for me there’s a sense that people have collectively said ‘Something bigger than all of us is on our side.’ And that’s gotta be a pretty reassuring feeling. The more I got thinking about that bridge & that cathedral the more I got the feeling that maybe those lovers & those church goers were really saying the same thing – ‘Everything’s going to be OK.’ Maybe that’s what we’re all hoping to hear from those around us. I know one of my favourite places to get that feeling is on stage playing our music. So much trivial stuff seems to melt away. The universe all of a sudden becomes a simpler place. And maybe in some small way the people who come to our shows can get a 75 minute piece of that as well. ‘Leave your baggage behind. Because everything’s going to be OK.’

– Damon


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