Tour Diary – First show Buffalo

Loved that gig last night at Town Ballroom. The Revivalist boys are cool. Their live show has a lot of country swagger. They’ve got brass and pedal steel. Man. There’s seven of them on stage. Good people. It’s good to be back on tour.

Our show last night started in sound check. Everybody ran out of time before doors and we had no choice. Helped us relax though. First show. Always a bit weird. Love that venue. Played there last year with Blackberry Smoke.

Matt White wanted to go to Woodstock while we were in upstate New York but we’re going the other way to Detroit. He wanted to see Levon’s studio space there. HERE┬áis a great link of The Band rehearsing King Harvest:

It’s one of my favourite pieces of footage ever, their whole detached-cool aesthetic one of the main influences on the Temp’ when we were getting together. Their greatest legacy is attitude. It’s a timeless thing.

Lot of Bob Dylan on this run. He breezed in late one night in Philadelphia last time we were over few months back. It was around 2am and we’d all just eaten out first Philly cheese steaks and we were tired at which point ‘Boots if Spanish Leather’ breaks the silence sending us to that twilight place where you know everything’s going to be alright.

Shout out to Detroit… We’re heading your way now. Can’t wait

Phil xx

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