Tour Diary – Leeds

It’s gone midnight and we’re hurtling down the M1, homeward bound. A couple of hours ago, we were playing to a packed venue in Leeds. Once again, the people of Leeds made an astonishing amount of noise, thus spurring us on to wring out that extra ounce of energy.
We’ve been on the road in the UK for only a week so far but it feels like a lot longer since we played the first show in Lincoln. I guess we’ve squeezed a lot in to that week. Seven shows covering the Midlands, North of England and Scotland. Gone is the Black Mamba. This time we’ve taken a more stealth approach to touring. We’ve been driving ourselves in a Ford Galaxy whilst another vehicle containing the gear, Pepper, Tunstall and Mr.G travels ahead of us. This allows us to stop at any and every coffee establishment on route to each gig. Coffee has become the new cocaine and no journey is complete without a google search for the nearest independent, artisan coffee twattery (as Iain Graham likes to call them) to get a hit. Personally speaking, I enjoy coffee, but it makes me pretty twitchy and anxious. As a result, Paul likes to encourage me to drink it as he finds this highly entertaining.
Anyway, back to the M1. As we get closer to London and the big Shepherds Bush show, we’ve been reflecting on how crazy the last year has been. We’re totally blown away by the numbers of you turning out to the shows. The Temperance Movement isn’t just the five of us, it’s all of you.┬áThank you,


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