Goodbye Damon

It is with heavy hearts that we find ourselves having to bid farewell to our brother, collaborator and drummer, Damon Wilson. We’ve had a great 5 years together and accomplished so much together. We never take for granted how lucky we are to be able to travel and play music, but for some people there comes a point when it no longer makes sense for them, and that is the decision Damon has made. Of course, we accept and respect his decision completely.

Meanwhile the rest of us are as committed as ever to TTM and we can’t wait to play some shows. We’re very fortunate to have our long time friend, the incredible Simon Lea playing with us for our upcoming acoustic shows and in Germany we will be joined by a man many of you already know and love, Mr Mikey Sorbello of The Graveltones. Onwards! Damon has asked us to pass on his words below. xx

“I’ve have had a lot of proud moments being in The Temperance Movement.
Our first sold out show @ The Borderline.
Meeting Jimmy Page @ our Koko gig.
Opening for The Stones.
Making two albums of music the way we wanted to.
The amazing places we’ve visited.
There are too many OMG moments to list. But by far my biggest & most gobsmacking moment was the day in 2011 when Paul Luke & Phil paid me a visit at my house to invite me to join the band fully.
Up until that moment we’d just done a few gigs & the whole thing was very part time. We had songs & a band name but we weren’t really a band yet.
‘We want to really go for it & see how far we can take it’ Paul said with that glint in his eye.
Luke & Phil had that same glint. I’m pretty sure Nick had already been brought on board.
It hadn’t occurred to me that I might get this invitation.
I was pretty sure that anytime soon I’d be found out by these amazing guys & musicians & they’d go find a proper drummer!
‘Absolutely’ was my reply. And so it began.
And there’s rarely been a day go by in the past five years that I haven’t pinched myself & thought ‘How did I end up in this incredible gang of talented compassionate hilarious people?’
Paul. Phil. Nick. Matt. And Luke. They’ve been my brothers. My teachers. My best friends.
That’s why it’s with a very heavy heart that I tell you that I’m leaving The Temperance Movement.
No big argument or fall out.
We’re all still most excellent friends. I’ve simply reached a point where I need to spend a lot more time at home with my wife & three kids. That’s it.
I’m gonna feel like I’ve lost a limb for quite a while. Being with these guys has been genuinely life changing.
I want to thank The Temperance Movement & you amazing fans for the ride.
Long may it continue.
Lotsa love

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Bush Hall ticket info…a few tickets remaining

THANK YOU for helping us trial our tout bashing Bush Hall ON SALE! On the upside, we can clearly see that no touts were able to penetrate the ‘real fan’ initiative and that despite the website feeling clunky on some devices and operating systems you all seem to have stuck with it and got tickets, so well done!

We can also see that 70% of you have successfully downloaded the App and ‘On-Boarded’ your tickets. For anyone who needs help with this process or the initial accreditation please do reach out to the Active Ticketing support email 

Finally, apologies to those who felt that we somehow let the side down a bit but of course this is a real live testing environment, fighting for a wider cause that affects us all. We’ll work on the messaging and take all your feedback into account for the future.

55 Tickets remain for anyone who still hasn’t managed to get ’em.


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Bush Hall Tickets – How it works.

The Bush Hall, London on Tuesday 6 Dec show goes on sale at 3pm TODAY. At that point we will post up on all channels and via the newsletter, a link to the event page at Sawtooth Tickets. Here you will be taken through a fan verification process to prove you ain’t no bot…it’s very simple and you don’t need an App or anything else…just go via your usual web browser as you would with any ticket sale. Any problems, there is email support right there. Once you have been accredited and have made your order, you will be sent an email verification by Active Tickets with instructions on how to download an App that will contain your secure tickets. That’s when you’ll need your Android or Apple smartphone. Bring you phone with the App on to the gig and boom, you are in the door. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still order tickets but then we will have to deal with your purchase via the Active Tickets helpline, along with any other queries on access or exceptional needs.

Although this might seem like a bit of a faff, it really stems from us listening to your ticketing experiences in the past and trying some new methods to get closer to the ideal. Tickets in fans hands, not secondary resellers!

Please support the initiative by giving open and honest feedback, good and bad!

Love and salutations,
The Temperance Movement

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UK Acoustic Shows

In December we will be heading out to play some very special acoustic shows. Come and join us playing some very different versions of our songs, in three small and intimate venues. TICKETS ONSALE FROM FRIDAY 18TH NOV. These shows will sell out fast!
6th December – London / Bush Hall*
7th December – Manchester / Deaf Institute
8th December – Glasgow / Oran Mor
* Tickets for London – 6/12/16. We’re frustrated at seeing our fans ripped off by 3rd party ticket sellers (touts, scalpers etc!) and have decided we would like to try and help solve the problem. We will be trying a new system for selling tickets to our show on 6/12/16 – sign up to our mailing list on our website.

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Tour Diary – Destin, Florida

Touring can, at times, be incredibly tedious. Seemingly endless hours of driving, followed by hours of hanging around at venues. It’s the thing that all bands moan about but is unavoidable unless you’ve reached the upper echelons of rock royalty. We’re nowhere near there yet. I’d say we’re probably court jesters!

Other than the shows themselves which account for about 5% of the time, tours are punctuated by unexpected moments which stick in your mind and form the memories you have of the tour. You forget the travelling and the hanging around and remember instead these sometimes bizzare events or golden nuggets of fun. For me, these have previously included playing midnight frisbee whilst drinking peach moonshine in Wilmington, North Carolina after an evening of shuffleboard, or watching two million bats fly out from under Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas or watching in helpless horror as our van slowly rolled off the jack as we attempted to change a wheel in the middle of the night by the side of a Texas freeway. These are the things we’ll tell our children about – (not that I’ll be encouraging mine to drink moonshine!)

Yesterday we had a moment that I’ll forever look back on fondly. We were in Destin, Florida. After soundcheck, we jumped in the van and headed for the beach with our beloved frisbee to catch the last of the days sun. The beach was made of the whitest sand I’ve ever seen. It was so fine, it squeaked underfoot. The sun was setting and the sea was so inviting that Phil Campbell could resist no longer. Stripped to his underpants, he led the charge with a bellowing shout like William Wallace on his summer holidays. Big Willy Taylor (our heavily tattooed tour manager) and Paul Sayer were next (wearing actual swimming shorts) followed by myself (not wearing actual swimming shorts). The sea was bath warm and we crashed through the waves like over excited children on too much fizzy pop. It was half an hour of total release and a shot of morale boosting fun when we needed it most. It didn’t matter that we’d been told of bull sharks earlier in the day by the dude at the beachside taco hut or that dusk is generally when sharks hunt. We were having way too much fun to worry about losing a leg to those toothy killjoys. Matt and Damon sensibly watched the rest of us idiots frolick about at shark dinner time from the safety of the beach. I did notice , however, that as we exited the sea, no-one else was swimming!

So we’re now on our way to Athens, Georgia to rejoin with our friends, The Revivalists. Only two more shows to go and we’ll be heading back home for some much needed time with our families after seven weeks away. They are the true heroes of this whole operation and should be recognised as such for their patience and support. Girls – If it was me who decided the honours list, you’d all receive knighthoods for being spectacularly amazing!

Athens and Nashville, here we come!

– Nick

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Tour Diary – New Orleans, Louisiana

Thank you, everyone, for all your lovely birthday messages. I had a great day and what a place to have a birthday – New Orleans, Louisiana!

As soon as we pulled up outside the House of Blues, we were warmly greeted by a couple of older ladies enjoying an afternoon tipple outside the bar next door. One of the ladies was confined to an electric wheelchair and was intrigued by our Mercedes sprinter, asking questions as she peered inside, wondering out loud where the ramp would go if she were to get one. Her friend, who I assumed was the bar owner, noticed the birthday balloons tied to my seat and offered me a birthday shot. That’s southern hospitality right there! 

Myself and Paul, popped in for a cheeky half and to claim my birthday shot after load-in. The girl behind the bar, on learning it was my birthday, came over and pinned a dollar to my t-shirt. I was told it’s a New Orleans tradition as people can usually spare a dollar and anyone who sees that you have money hanging off you will know it’s your special day. So for the rest of my evening in New Orleans, I enjoyed smiles and birthday greetings from strangers as we wandered the bars and streets and my one dollar increased to about $27 by the end of the night! (To the guy who pinned a twenty on me mid-show – thank you but that was unnecessary, I tried to find you after the show to give it back or buy you a drink with it!) Since the uk has ditched the pound note, this practice would be very unlikely to take off over there but I can tell you it makes you feel great! Thank you warm-hearted people of New Orleans for a memorable day. I also apologise to anyone at the show for the occasional bum note on the bass. It wasn’t me, it was the tequila! Very unprofessional but hey, it’s my birthday!

Today’s show is in Dallas. Not exactly a stones throw from New Orleans. I just came out of a gas station on the way to be approached by a very timid and worried looking Phil Campbell. ” Nick, I feel terrible” he said. My heart sank and I braced myself for the terrible news thinking something awful had happened but instead… “I opened the van and your birthday balloons escaped and have floated away”. 

In that moment, I’ve never loved that crazy lunatic who tears up the stage like a banshee so much. If this band ever became huge, I don’t think we need to worry about Phil’s ego getting out of control! He has a heart of solid gold.

So, like birthdays, balloons come and go and I’m happy to think that a memento from my day in New Orleans is now floating free, high above the state of Texas.
See you in Dallas. 

– Nick

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It’s Nick Fyffe’s birthday.

It is Nick Fyffe’s birthday. Nick’s been hanging around with the Temperance Movement for years now.

He got us our first proper grown up gig at the Albert Hall in London and got his mate Jamie Oliver to Tweet about the band’s first album release.

His dedicated gathering and saving of contact details ensures fluid passage through airports, hook ups at high end shoe stores and video productions by New York artist friends.

He has documented the whole story all the way along by Lyca camera iPhone and GoPro so now no matter where you tread on the stage there’s a camera to capture it…

He also plays bass. Very well. I mean I know. It’s quite a skill to not play a bum note when the singer keeps hitting your headstock with his tambourine. You want to hear The Sludge. It’s my favourite thing he plays just now.

Watched him recently from my seat in the back driving us through rain and failing light and I thought, man, he’s brilliant. What an excellent guy to be in a band with.

We all celebrate with the man today… Ladies and gentlemen… Everybody’s favourite break-dancing Pirate…


Happy birthday pal.

With love,

The Temperance Movement and everyone else who loves the bones of ye… X

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Tour Diary – Atlanta/Charlotte

So we’re back in the South and its a beautiful day as we head from Atlanta to Charlotte. All the time we were here with Blackberry Smoke, we didn’t actually play Atlanta. I personally know some people from Atlanta and I have been to the city before. It was 2010, the year before I met the band and I played a few songs in a bar in Decatur one night and I tried my luck at Eddie’s Attic the next. It was very sweet.

Hearing that drawl again as I spoke to some folks last night took me back to last spring and my heart was glad for it. This part of the country has a unique lush beauty so we’re getting to see some amazing sights on our drive here today and I think after 6 weeks we’re feeling very thankful to have all we have today.

I know I am. Eddie’s Attic ran a big open mic competition. I just happened to be in town on the right night. I sang some songs from Daddy’s Table plus something on piano that was new at the time. I got through to the finals but came second to a very much better three piece. I kept it down but I was devastated I didn’t win. At that time I was devastated in a much larger sense that I really wasn’t winning as a solo artist at all. After 15 years and 3 record deals in London, I had moved back to Glasgow and shortly after that American trip I was ready to pack it in.

In the six years that have passed my life has changed in ways I could never have believed in 2010. Now when I take the stage I’ve got The Temperance Movement behind me and I never feel like I did at Eddie’s Attic. Never. I take much pride in the solo records I made. I got on TV. I toured with some great people. I worked with many brilliant musicians and producers. I’d love to play those songs again and I probably will too. And when I do it’ll be great and great for one reason: The Temperance Movement. As much as I thought I knew before it, most of what I know now about music, I’ve learned from The Temp in the five years we’ve been touring.

American touring has been a big part of that. I’ve declared my love for the State-side road here many times. If a UK band gets a chance to do it, it’ll change that band forever. And I’m not even talking about success. I’m taking about experience. The reality of touring. Together all the time. Long journey times. 50 shows. 100 shows. Keeping the energy up. Hitting the stage big every night. Missing home. Hearing strain on the end of the phone. Feeling helpless to do much about it but listen. Gambling life in today’s casino style music business…

You may have had to listen to this kind of thing from me recently after a show. Perhaps I’ve been spilling over the brim a little. Dashing a fresh fan’s excitement that we’re even in their town with brooding conversation about cost of plane tickets and such. Sorry if that was you. I feel quite at home here. North, South, East, West. I feel like I can just blab to people like I do at home. Its a good thing really.

Last night was also awesome it has to be said. I am proud that we got to play that legendary room before it gets closed. The folks who came to Masquerade really welcomed us and danced and dug what we did. A few boys from Blackberry Smoke came down. Richard Turner burst into our dressing room 5 mins before we went on, said hey and split. Rock star. Brandon, Eric, Thumper… great to see you guys. Thank you also to The 68-75’s for opening the show. Everybody rocked the shit out of it last night. No doubt.

Tonight we’re at The Underground in Charlotte, on stage at 9pm.
See you if you’re there.

Peace out,

Phil x

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