Tour Diary – Osnabrück, Germany

This morning we woke up in Osnabruck. There was a low hum and a constant vibration all around me and I appeared to be in the sort of coffin like box you see in films where someone has been kidnapped and hidden underground.  I was, however, in my bunk in our tour bus. That’s right, gone is the self-drive splitter bus from the last tour (although it will be making a comeback) and in it’s place is a huge black behemoth of a bus. The interior is decked out in walnut veneer and 70’s style brown and orange upholstery. We love it!
Despite it’s gargantuan size, we still had trouble squeezing all our gear into it last night so two of the 11 bunks contain guitars and boxes of merch and every other available cupboard and crevice is filled with a box or case of some description.
We’ve just done the second show of the tour and I’m sitting on the bus writing this now as I realized we’ve been away for 3 days already and our new tour diary page needed some content!
It’s great to be back on the road again. We’re feeling fresh and full of vigor and it’s a joy to be out playing after a short break. We’ve been working up some new material which we’re pretty excited about and our pals The Graveltones are accompanying us on the first part of the tour.

I’m going to wrap this up for now but I’ll leave you with a photo of our lovely big bus. If you can think of a suitable name for her, maybe you can suggest it on facebook where this post will also appear.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Nick x


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