Tour Diary – Sunny Berlin

It is a beautiful spring day and we have arrived in Berlin. The Black Mamba is parked outside White Trash. The gear is being loaded in for tonight’s gig and everyone is going about their lives in an upbeat way. Morale is high amongst touring personnel after a great show last night in Hamburg at the Rock Cafe. Our previous visit to Hamburg was also a memorable one but mainly due to the fact that we arrived outside the Molotov at 2 minutes to stage time after a Cannonball Run style caper across Germany, arriving in different vehicles than the one we originally set out in. This time around we arrived at the venue in a much more civilised manner. It was a tightly packed crowd when we got onstage and as ever, we played each note like it was our last. The more we go out and play and spend time in each others company, the closer we have become and last night there were moments of collective telepathy when we found ourselves playing sections that didn’t even exist before. I fucking love being in this band!
I’m aware that there hasn’t been a tour diary entry since Bergen. I apologise for this. It’s hard to keep up with everything happening at the moment and a week seems to go by in the blink of an eye. One notable event that happened recently was our visit to Stockholm. It had been arranged for us to go and perform a few tunes outside Hellstone Music store. Hellstone is an Alladin’s cave of vintage instruments and upon entering, we were like a bunch of excitable children let loose in a sweet shop. Everyone chose an instrument to use and we went outside to belt out a half hour set of tunes. Brilliant fun!
Stockholm, Linkoping and Malmo wrapped up Sweden for us this time around. All great gigs with a fantastic turnout. It feels like the last tour definitely paid off and it’s really starting to grow out here for us. We look forward to returning.
Back in Berlin, it’s time to go and soundcheck and then catch the last rays of sunshine outside White Trash. Maybe with a delicious german pilsner?
Next, we’ll be visiting the uncharted territory of Poland. Stay tuned…
I’ll leave you with a clip from Hellstone music where Phil finally found his instrument!
– Nick

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