Tour Diary – Friday 07/10/16: Illinois

Great show last night at Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL. Thank you to everyone who came out to see the band. Old theatre style venues are my favourite. Big thanks to Bruce and Eric and the crew there for helping out. We’re over half way through this tour now and we’ve got a little swagger in our step.

Stage show was pretty wild. I didn’t eat much yesterday. Just totally forgot to so 20 mins before stage time, I panicked and thought oh shit I’m a bit hungry, I wont make it to the end to the end of the gig. Completely ridiculous, but this is my head.

It’s amazing how much you can get out of your body when you’re hungry. Especially if you’ve been clever and ordered some food for after the show. Knowing there’s a burger and fries waiting in the dressing room makes it much easier to sing Get yourself Free. In my case last night I had some corn chowder with a little tortellini bobbin’ around in it. Bit twatty? Sure. But the only other option was Mexican and you should never eat Mexican after midnight. Everyone knows that…

Which reminds me, thank you Cheryl Swift for bringing the band two boxes of blueberry muffins, cookies and treats. I just sank two of them five minutes ago, so no more starving artists. I love our fans. I met some of my favourite Illinois people last night and shared some memories, like the time we pulled into Springfield and someone opens the van door to a bedazzled and quite cold rock n roll band, saying… ‘Hey fellas… d’ya want some barbecue?’

Peace and love

Phil x

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